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Of Mommies and friendships

We all love "Sex and the city" for the ravishing protagonists, their chic wardrobes and dainty sandals, the high life, not to mention Mr Big who makes many of us go weak in the knees, but above all what's appealing is how these 4 women manage to keep their friendship alive and not just "manage"but make efforts to reach out to each other in times of need, or good times, in times of despair, in celebrations and every small event in their lives. 2 of them Miranda and Charlotte become Mommies in the later seasons but that doesn't act as a deterrent in their friendship. Watching the 4 of them share that Saturday brunch which is like a weekend ritual as they pour out their hearts content, chat about the men in their life, share their dreams and fears- makes me sometimes wish I had a super duper girly gang like that. I know it's just a soap and looking at real life, everything is not so hunky dory. As much we all would love to maintain such friendships, it is

From being Mr n Mrs to being Mommy Daddy

The first year of marriage is the most beautiful phase, enjoy it to the fullest, I heard this from so many couples and it's strangely true in so many ways. Thinking of my brief courtship, marriage and the first year that flew by, was indeed a overly  romantic, Bollywood movie in my life. The love flutters, countless Sms and calls , eagerly waiting for those meetings and the d date which seemed so near yet so far- were then replaced by cuddles and hugs, late night movies and weekend getaways, simply lazing in bed talking over something and then leisurely going to one of our favourite coastal cuisine restaurants, and not to forget our common love for cashew fudge@Corner house. and how can I forget those countless photos where we looked deep into each other's eyes and people exclaimed " u r kidding me, this cannot be an arranged marriage, you guys look so deeply in love" , and I smiled  coyly. The first year just passed by like a dream.then came the day when we found ou