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From a working mom to a SAHM- is the transition easy?

She opened the trunk to search for a saree, the beige one with the golden border. It was gifted to her by ma’am, the Principal of the school where she worked as a coordinator. They shared a bond much beyond the official one of a school principal and the coordinator. She fondly recalled how the 3 of them, principal ma’am the primary school coordinator Shobha and herself would have lunch together daily talking about the school, their lives in general and share a laugh. They bought the same sarees in pairs of 3 to celebrate occasions like Onam, Red Day etc at school. Ma'am had gifted her this saree for Onam. As she took out the saree from the suitcase, she looked at the 50 or so sarees lying in the trunk. Unworn, untouched. They evoked so many memories of the past years, sarees gives as gifts by teachers as a mark of love and respect, those that she had bought on an impulse, the 3 saree pact with Ma'am and Shobha. Tears welled up in her eyes. She missed those days of

A letter to my future self in 2017

As I bid adieu to 2016- looking back at the highs and lows -this year will bring such drastic changes is something I could have never foreseen. A year of tumultuous change it was. A big decision professionally which resulted in an even bigger personal move. Fighting through the guilt of the consequences of a decision that worked wonders for me professionally but was no smooth sailing personally. Happy to have seen my blog grow and forge some memorable friendships with fellow bloggers. Looking back at the highlights of this journey and taking sometime to introspect and think about the course of my life in 2017, here is what I want to tell myself 1) The big decision which I have spoken about and which was the most significant aspect of 2016 is my job change -after spending close to 7 years in a company where I kick started my career, it was time for me to move on. I always knew that this was not the place for me, but something kept me back. Was it the familiarity of the pl