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Kindness - a virtue I would want my child to imbibe

I open the newspaper and am aghast to see the news of a young lady being trolled and sent rape threats for voicing her opinion. While she did talk on a sensitive topic which has the probability of invoking anger and probably hurting sentiments of certain sections of society , it is her opinion as an individual. Resorting to trolling her and threatening her of consequences such as rape is absolute blasphemy. Makes me shudder and think what kind of world am I living in and most importantly what kind of world am I leaving behind for my little daughter Angel? I then scroll down through my twitter feed and its not much different. An actor/model or politician or sometimes a common gal/guy has made a comment and everyone is hell bent on showing them their place. Makes me shudder and think how we have forgotten the very basics of being kind and have an empathetic attitude towards one another, We may not agree to the other person but does that mean we forget how we can agree to disagree

Where has love gone- Part 2

"And they lived happily ever after"- as Aesha closed the story book, little Anya was asleep, her tiny hand holding Aesha's arm firmly. With one more loving look at the little angel, she gently unwound her arm and tucked  her into bed. She sighed and wondered- Is it really happily ever after? Maybe she should alter these fairy tales and tell her daughter more real world stories. The chilly air outside continued to blow. Aesha looked out of the window. It had been 6 months she moved to New York and she loved the vibrant and energetic city. Little Anya had settled down quickly too, much to her surprise and delight. She absolutely loved the day care in Aesha's office where she spent her day with other kids of her age. Aesha loved the new office, the energy levels and enthusiasm was at a new high. Being the Head Office, it was abuzz with activity. One thing that she found in stark contrast to India was that people took their work life balance very seriously. No o

Where has love gone?

As Aesha tapped her heel restlessly at the Visa Consulate, one might just think of her as yet another young woman who has set her heart on an overseas dream, a future in the greener pastures and she is probably nervous if her visa will be stamped or not as her fate can either be made or broken by this one seal (or the lack of it). But for Aesha , her tumultuous mind couldn't be tamed today. While she was at the cusp of an important milestone in her career and getting the visa would mean she inches one step closer to her dream professionally- somewhere she shuddered to think of how it would impact her love life and the very foundation of her marriage. It seemed like yesterday- Aman and Aesha met at a sangeet and got talking. They hit it instantly and never realized where time flew. They would always chuckle when they got to know later that this had been set up by their parents.  Aesha was a young, dynamic, super smart, intelligent woman who was a great fan of Sheryl S

Is she working? How much does she earn? Who manages her money?

Mr and Mrs S and their toddler live in my residential complex. Mr S is an engineer who works in one of the software companies. Mrs S who is a post graduate stays at home taking care of the toddler. Mrs S's son and my daughter play together , being almost of the same age. Mrs S would often tell me "Its nice you go to work, look at me I have studied so much and I sit at home. Hopefully when he grows up a bit and starts schooling I can do something." I suggested to her that if she does not have family support and is reluctant to leave her son at a daycare or with a nanny, why not think of starting something from home. She knows some basic beautician work and the complex we live in has many working women who would love to have an in house beauty parlor. I suggested to Mrs S to enroll for a professional course and then start a parlour on a small scale at her residence which would serve the dual purpose of her being engaged and making her own money and at the same time being a