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The lady next door whom I envy

#ShortStory Jiya stepped onto the balcony and looked out. Such beautiful weather, the calm morning, lush green trees, a light breeze, so different from the maddening traffic which she endured daily.  "Hi Jiya. Happy Sunday! You are up so early? What happened to the 'no alarm, no snooze Sunday is the day to wake up at 10' girl? Kya baat hai?" It was Aarti her next door neighbour who was just back after dropping her kids to their squash classes. Jiya smiled “I just thought for a change let me get a feel of the real morning and guess what, I seem to like it. What plans for the day?" Aarti exclaimed "We are having some guests, so much of preparations to be done. Deepak's business associates and their families are coming over, everything has to be perfect. Got to go, see ya."A Jiya waved her goodbye and sighed. It would be so nice to have a house full of people - a loving husband, 2 doting kids, so many relatives and friends who are alway

The Irony of Life- Bite size stories

The lights dimmed, all looks were on the ramp, the cameras were all aimed at the ramp entrance as she walked in - the show stopper with style and panache- the smile that she wore and the confidence that blazed in her eyes made her stand apart, like none other. There was a thunderous applause, she stole the show.  Backstage as a crowd gathered desperate to meet her- she looked at herself in the mirror- half of her face which was scarred by the acid attack needed no scarf or stole today. She took out her phone to click a selfie- “at Lakme Fashion Week- look forward to NY Fashion Week”- she tweeted with a picture of her full face- something she hadn't done since that fateful day . “And that's why I am passionate about having more women in our workforce, helping them grow as diversity is the key to success of any organization. Seeing women excel and empower themselves makes me feel in awe of them”. The Senior Director ended his

5 valuable lessons I learnt as a Mother

As I look at Angel calmly sleeping beside me as I type this post, I cannot help but smile and it leaves me with this warm fuzzy feeling. 2 years and 2 months back, I held this tiny being in my hands for the first time, clueless about how I would care for her and protect her. Well its not that I have all the answers now but somewhere along the way I have realized that you figure it out. Thinking of how much I have changed as a person post motherhood, this is something which makes me immensely proud as I have grown as a person. Maybe I have becomes selfish somewhere (in my own interests), I have taken time to think about myself, my happiness as I know my thoughts, actions, reactions are all going to be carefully scrutinized and imitated by this little one.  The 5 biggest things which transformed my life big time as a mother are: 1) Live life sans the guilt: One thing that follows us Moms everywhere is guilt. As a working Mom, guilt of not spending enough time with the child

Why is speaking English at home a taboo?

Weekends is when I  get to spend a lot of time with my daughter. Being a working mom, this is the best part I look forward to – to unwind and feel rejuvenated. Last Saturday we went to the park as usual. It was pretty late when we went down- the park is usually overcrowded if we venture out at the regular time and my dotty hardly gets her chance at the swing. Hence she prefers going once the crowd has died down and I like this time as well when she can play to her hearts content and I stand by watching and talking to her. Now the language we converse in at home and not just restricted to conversations with the child but between me and my hubby, my mum, brother and me and my grand mum and well is English.  Now before that crease appears on your brow- let me tell you why. I have written about this in the past and that’s why I just pasted the link here as it’s easier that way than being repetitive. I request my readers to read it before they proceed further as it’s relevant to t

A Love That Transcends A Lifetime And Beyond

True love doesn’t go away, the body may give up one day but love stays as it is – in memories, and in beautifully woven moments that we create. “Only death can do us part!” say those in love. But in their case even death had to accept defeat, such was their love. Ever heard of re-incarnation? Some may say this is only imagination and something we choose to believe in just to keep ourselves at peace, but could it be true? This is the incredible love story of my grandparents (Mom’s parents) with whom I have always shared a great camaraderie and have heard all about those days when they fell in love, married, went through the struggles of raising a family while keeping their jobs, and then seen them enjoy their twilight years in the arms of each other. Let us start right at the beginning. Long, long ago (I can maybe more than 60 years ago), Rohini, a young and pretty girl in her teens had just landed in Bombay, the city of dreams seeking her destiny just like so many others

My Mom's boyfriend

A short story The house was abuzz with chatter, music, laughter and the aroma of jasmine flowers added to the festivites. It was Ritesh's wedding day. The youngest of the cousins which meant that the next wedding in the family was years away. Everyone wanted to enjoy to their heart's content. Ritesh was busy adjusting his bridal sherwani and looking at himself in the mirror. He was getting impatient by the minute as the pandit would arrive any minute to start the pooja before the baarat departed and the ladies of the house were still not ready. The dhol wala and photographer had not come and the driver just called in sick. Who would drive the wedding car? Being a bridegroom is not easy, he mused. A message from his fiancé lit up his face. Rashmi and he met at a party 2 years back and who would have thought life would lead them here. As he looked at the message and smiled, the door was pushed open and his sister Ridhima came running in asking him to come and greet

Honey hide that baby bump, will ya?

Those precious few months when a woman does not frown or spot worry lines as she proudly walks around in her bulging belly. Don't we all love this bit of our pregnancy? Imagine eating to your heart's content and not worrying about a bloating belly.  A woman can seldom take this liberty in any other situation. As much we say that this is a special phase to be enjoyed, how often do we notice pregnant women (and I am talking of women in the 2nd and 3rd trimester) walk around carefree , their bellies un hidden by a stole or ill fitted dress.   I remember when I discovered I was pregnant, I was all excited to shop for maternity wear. A shopaholic that I am, this just gave me another reason to refresh my wardrobe. So all the one piece dresses which slowly stopped fitting me around the belly and the high heels went into the attic, neatly packed to be used after a year or so and I started hunting for some good maternity wear and fashionable flat shoes. To my dismay I found very

Why the fairy tales of my time are so passé

A bibliophile that I always was- my favorite activity would always be curling up in bed with a book. I grew up in a virtual world of the  dark woods, enchanting castles, beautiful princesses, and handsome knights in shining armor who would come riding on a white horse and rescue the damsel in distress, the wicked ugly witch who  tortured the princess but would meet a horrible end.  I was always an avid reader, thanks to my Mom who inculcated this hobby in me when I was young and this is a rare and priceless gift she gave me which has stayed for life. I can’t thank her enough for this. I was drawn into the enchanting world of books, where the characters danced before my eyes, it seemed so real.  Little did I realize these books were sub consciously feeding me with stereotypes which would become such an integral part of my thinking and personality that shaking them off will not be easy. Have you realized that most of these fairy tales of our times are so deeply flawed, gender