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Dear Mom I am jealous my daughter loves you more

Most people might look upon me as a strange breed of working mom who isn't bitten by the guilt factor while she spends 12 hours without her baby. What sort of a mom is that they may wonder? Aren't working moms supposed to be constantly ridden by guilt of not spending enough time with their children? In my case as I have always spoken in my blogs I never feel guilty cos my daughter is looked after by my mom. I know she is in good hands, on days I need to spend longer time at work or that quarterly office party which I cannot be giving excuses to miss each time, I attend it carefree for I know she is peacefully snuggled in bed with my mom by her side. Also another reason is- I realized this mindless guilt will only cause damage to me by eating me up bit by bit. It's not that I would ever quit my job or take up a less demanding one. I have studied hard to get this far and my ambition is to grow in my career - is it the money that lures me or the position or being in a ul