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Second innings?

 A few days back, my beautician who is also a good friend mentioned in the course of a conversation that her elder sister who was widowed at a young age, tied the knot a second time at the age of 65. A chance encounter with a handsome stranger, a few conversations and they decided to get betrothed. She did not have any kids, had lived her life in London, was widowed 15 years back and had moved to Mumbai. She yearned for company and someone to share her life with at this stage of life and lo! behold! she got what she wished for. My mum and I were really happy to hear this. India is changing at least some of us are I thought. On introspecting about this - a few things that struck me are- well maybe my statement about India changing does not hold good. In this particular case the woman had no children so it was a sole decision. But what about widows or divorcees who have children? Can they think of marrying again? How receptive would their children/ grandchildren be to the idea of their