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Of soul sisters- friends move on, memories stay!

I have been reading a lot of posts around why it's important to stay close to your girlfriends and sisters- especially in the case of women who are caught up in the daily grind of their kids, household, jobs and gradually drift apart from their soul sisters. With the advent of Internet, while some argue that this has bridged the gap and helped us stay connected and re kindle the friendships which were once forgotten - I think it has made us distant and aloof in a way. Like being too lazy to call someone or show up on their birthday , rather a Facebook wish or What's App message and a gift bought online is what we prefer. When I look back at my life - I have always been a person with a few close friends. In school we were a group of 4 feisty young girls who were in our own little world and that irked many others who were not a part of this world. We fought, danced, laughed, gossiped, did crazy stuff like trimming  our hair Kajol style after being completely smitten by "

To the Aunty next door- can we be a team?

Meena Aunty sipped her tea while her mouth remained constantly busy yapping over the phone. She was busy sharing her latest gossip with Sudha Aunty and her eyes were busy peering out of the windows, as she tried to hide herself behind the curtain, lest someone accuse her of snooping. How can they call it snooping? It's just looking around at what people in your neighborhood are up to and discussing this with your Aunty gang. That's totally harmless no. What else do you expect a 55 year old woman who is at home the whole day, and the only person living with her is her hubby (whose only interest in life is watching TV or sleeping) do? Does she bore herself to death or indulge in some harmless fun? And it's not really fun- in a way she is taking up responsibility for all the young women around to make sure they do not toe the line. A moral brigade of some sort is needed right else the girls these days, ufff don’t ask. They think just because they are educated, go and