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My daughter- bully or Braveheart?

A short story . I put the receiver down and took a deep breath. The call had come like a gloomy cloud and dampened my spirits. What had Amyra done now? I kept fidgeting and biting my nails. The cup of tea lay cold on the table, it failed to entice me any longer. I had just got a call from my 12 year old daughter Amyra's school chief coordinator. She asked me to come and meet her as soon as I could. I couldn't believe what I heard from her about my daughter. She had slapped, scratched and sprayed deodorant in the eyes of 2 boys who were her classmates. One of them was admitted to the hospital now and his parents were threatening to file a case against the school and the unruly girl who did this. I couldn't believe that was my daughter. Well she wasn't the quiet meek types in fact she was opinionated and would always stand up for her rights. That's how I had raised her and I was proud of her. I had left my job when she was born so that I could focus on rai

My sanctum

“But I am just 21 I have so much to do, hardly have I seen life. I have just stepped out of college. I want to work, want to go on treks, the mountains are calling me. They make me feel alive, I want to fly, don't cage me father" she protested. She knew it was a futile attempt. For her parents, getting her married was a responsibility, a major one which they wanted to fulfill as early as possible. Barely a few months after marriage and she was expecting her first child. She quit her government job as the mother in her wanted to revel in each moment of motherhood and relive her childhood with her baby girl. A year and a half later a cherubic baby boy was born to her. Taking care of 2 young kids plus the household chores right from cooking to cleaning hardly left her with any time to have a cup of tea but at the end of a tired day, those 2 innocent faces lit up her life. The mother in her was happy, what more could she ask for? But the woman in her still dreamt of those moun

Being the mediocre woman- makes me happy

The desire to be recognised, admired, praised, do well and be successful is something that everyone wishes for, I would be stunned and would find it hard to believe someone who doesn't want this. Probably someone who has renounced worldly things (the moh maya) but most of us I bet fall in the first category. Right from the time we are in school, the urge to do well at studies, in the elocution competition, be a good dancer, the head boy/girl. Then comes college- the desire to get into a reputed college, be popular there, again do well at studies so that we get into a professional course and the grind continues.Then comes placements and the wish to get into that Fortune 500 company, earn a fat paycheck. And then the corporate world which is an altogether different ball game for here the tables are completely turned - its your smart work and "so much more"- actually the latter matters more. Is there any respite after that? Sadly no. The wish to settle down with the &qu

The day I fell in love with my normal life

A short story- I aimlessly browsed through my Facebook news feed and once again sighed when I saw my colleague Aisha’s photos of holidaying in Mauritius. What a lucky lass! I said to myself for a 100th time. And here I am.  A 35 year old, middle aged woman in whose life nothing is right. A job that completely sucks and the only thing I look forward to is Friday and how can I tell you about the sadness that creeps over when Sunday evening comes. I am an engineer by qualification, joined this software company right after I graduated and  have been here ever since. Gone is the young dynamic ambitious girl who entered the gates of this office 14 years ago with grit and determination and a burning desire to make it big. She has been replaced by this middle aged woman who just wants to get done with the work assigned to her and leave for the day asap. What caused this transformation? The politics around which did not let me get my promotion? The bonus I was worthy of and never got?

The secret affair – an urge to taste the forbidden fruit

A short story Shreya brushed her hair and looked at herself in the mirror. There was a woman staring back at her, she looked familiar but somehow she wasn’t able to place her. And then a flint of recognition and a smile spread over her lips. Oh yes she was the younger 20 something Shreya- the beautiful, graceful one who was so vivacious. She always took good care of herself- going out meant dressing up well, some make up, choose a shade of lipstick that compliments her, dangling earrings and a bracelet and a matching neckpiece, heels and she was ready. She loved to dress up and she loved it when she saw the look of admiration in the eyes of her husband Jeet.  But that was the Shreya then and this was the one now. 18 years of married life had brought about such a change in her persona. Managing 2 active kids in their tweens, their studies, play dates, basketball and cricket practice, swimming and drama classes, birthday parties and then their falling ill and nursing them back