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Letter to Angel-a small step towards making this world a better place

My dear Angel, Love took an all together new meaning the day you entered my life. Being your mom has made me grow as  a person. I will not say becoming more responsible, a better planner or more organised , that I can take pride in always being one. But it has helped me mature as an individual. As a parent, I am always wishing that you get the best in life- be it in terms of happiness, health, fame, money. I know in my heart that I cannot shield you forever, a day will come when you will have to step out, spread your wings and fly. As you soar high in the sky, your  Mumma will always be with you in spirit, praying for you, watching out, lest your wings get injured, she's here to mend them (or never mind, we just get new ones- you know the way Mumma buys stuff on Jabong- its that simple see!) Some of life's lessons which I have learnt over the years , enriched by my own experiences, which  have made me a stronger person are something I want to share with you my love. As you

Lessons in Marriage from Katrina

The latest Titan Raga ad featuring the heartthrob of Bollywood and dreamgirl of every second guy -Katrina Kaif is worth a watch. The ad shows Katrina all decked up for a wedding and she talks about when's the right time to get married- in fact she goes about it in a unique way by bringing forth those situations or reasons to which people often fall prey and tie the knot only to realize later that it was not worth and it all started from the reason/situation which prompted them to. Introspecting on this, it is indeed true. The immense pressure on people these days and I would say more in case of women is indeed excruciating. It starts when you reach the so called marriageable age. Who has set this norm about the so called ideal age to get married is something I often ponder on. People are becoming more liberal these days and the "age" is no doubt getting extended, but there is a still a certain age beyond which if one has not found a match (for whatever reasons), they