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The reunion- when we parted ways forever (Short Story)

I was so excited; I couldn't believe we would be meeting after 22 years. Time has literally flown by. I fail to suppress a chuckle when I recall those golden college days and the 4 of us. We were an inseparable gang. The tall and petite Natasha. Nats she liked to be called- every boy was smitten by her and wanted to take her out on a date. The studious, super brainy and ambitious Pallavi. We were certain she will be the next scientist in the coveted list of those that make path breaking discoveries. The chirpy, super talkative Megha who was the one person everyone went to when they needed any gossip. Name it and she had it. She belonged to a super rich business family of Panjus and we all envied the swanky luxury car that came to drop her to college and her Louis Vuitton handbag of cos. And me - the simple not very talkative not very ambitious plain Jane. I was and am still a very ordinary girl but in the company of my best pals I would light up and become a diffe