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A woman's biggest achievement is not just getting married

The house was all decked up for the wedding, bright lights shone in the verandah, loud music and laughter could be heard, children dressed in varied shades ran around in the well lit garden, the aroma of delicious food and mithai (sweets) filled the air. Today was Roma's big day- her wedding. As I entered her house looking forward to being a part of the celebrations, I looked around for her younger sister Riya. She was nowhere to be found. Roma and Riya are sisters, 2 years apart. While Roma is the more fun loving type, who bunked college, enjoyed shopping and spending time with her friends, she was never really interested in making a career. Knowing well that she belonged to a well do to business family and would marry into an equally well to do family, she preferred enjoying her life. Riya on the other hand was studious and had set her goals on becoming a doctor. She went to the US for her higher studies and the last FB update I had seen was that she successfully completed her

Betrayal by my husband taught me life's biggest lesson

A Short Story. Neeti turned the page of their wedding album, was it really 10 years ago? Akash looked handsome in his sherwani, all smiles as he held his bride's hand and his eyes were all for her. Neeti looked ravishing in her designer bridal lehenga, her hands full of bangles and her smile which added to her beauty as this was the happiest day of her life. A perfect wedding of 2 people who passionately loved each other, college sweethearts who were inseparable. They had their share of testing times when work took him to another city and she pursued her Masters in Mumbai, it was a long distance relationship but that time passed and the relationship only thrived. Once he got a good job and had settled down, he proposed her and they had a perfect fairy tale wedding with both sides of parents beaming and cheering them. What more could she ask for? She had married the love of her life. 2 years later they were blessed with a sweet baby girl and their happiness knew no bounds.

Life's biggest lessons from my domestic help

A Short Story. Avanti was lost in her thoughts when the whistle of the cooker jolted her back to reality. It was 7.30 in the evening, her Mother in law and husband would be back in around half an hour, she still had to prepare rotis, chop vegetables for the salad, make curd rice and soak rice for dosas for next morning's breakfast. Work never seemed to end. She fondly remembered those days prior to her marriage when she was the apple of her parent’s eye. She had never entered the kitchen except to drink a glass of water or to chat with her mother while she cooked. Most girls know at least how to prepare a cup of tea and some basic stuff like rice dal, but she had never tried even those. Things changed as she got married, it was an arranged marriage but arranged by her. She had flatly refused to marry the guy chosen by her parents and had registered herself on a matrimony site, scouted profiles, spoke to guys and finally got her parents  involved when she felt that thing

I wish you were born a boy

My dear Angel, I remember much before you were even conceived I always had this desire to be a mom of a baby girl first. And when I was pregnant all I could think of was pretty frocks and ribbons and a little baby girl running all over the house. At times I obsessed over having a baby girl so much that I was reminded by your Mama (my younger brother) that what if this is a little boy in your tummy? He may think Mumma doesn’t love me at all. This not a good thing to do. And then I forcefully reminded myself to refer to the baby in my womb as just a baby and not a she/he. Let’s be gender neutral I said to myself but the wish remained. I couldn't contain my happiness when I gave birth to you and the first question I asked -Is it a boy or girl? When they told me it’s a girl just as you wanted, I literally wanted to jump with joy. In hindsight I think, I would have been equally jubilant if it were a boy.  This journey of 16 months has been incredible my child and as every Mom do