Letter to Angel-a small step towards making this world a better place

My dear Angel,

Love took an all together new meaning the day you entered my life. Being your mom has made me grow as  a person. I will not say becoming more responsible, a better planner or more organised , that I can take pride in always being one. But it has helped me mature as an individual.
As a parent, I am always wishing that you get the best in life- be it in terms of happiness, health, fame, money. I know in my heart that I cannot shield you forever, a day will come when you will have to step out, spread your wings and fly. As you soar high in the sky, your  Mumma will always be with you in spirit, praying for you, watching out, lest your wings get injured, she's here to mend them (or never mind, we just get new ones- you know the way Mumma buys stuff on Jabong- its that simple see!)
Some of life's lessons which I have learnt over the years , enriched by my own experiences, which  have made me a stronger person are something I want to share with you my love. As you grow up you may think that your mom is the most perfect being on earth (most kids idolize their mothers), however upbeat that makes me feel, that's not the truth Angel.
I am with my faults and follies but that's what has made a wiser person. There's lots I would like to share with you, call them pearls of wisdom, Mumma 's tales, or whatever I hope they enrich you and make you a better person.  
In you self interests, I would urge you to be an independent girl, to stand on your own feet and don't ever make any person indispensable in your life for the truth is that no one is. 
Learn to place yourself first. I would want you to be financially independent, whatever your interests are (need not necessarily be academic), be it music, drama, sports make sure you get yourself a good education first and secure yourself financially. The truth is you need money, be it to fulfil the bare minimum needs of life or luxuries. 
There's so much more but all these are personal goals. As human beings it is also our duty to give back to society and make the world a better place to live. In this regard the message that I would like to pass on to you is to develop an empathetic attitude. Only with empathy, can you make a difference my child -not just to your life but to others as well. Be it to the policeman who stops you for not wearing your seat belt, or the shopkeeper who frowns at you, your boss with whom you just had a not so pleasant discussion, your MIL (mother in law) who's constantly over you, the neighbours kids who can't stop screaming, your friend with whom you just had a tiff- believe me you would see things in a totally new perspective once u learn to empathise with the person.
 I once attended a corporate training on soft skills and they showed us a video on how a boss is screaming his wits off at an employee. The poor chap is all heartbroken and deluded and there starts a negative chain of emotions towards his boss. We were also shown the other side of the story- what drove the boss to behave in such a way. Turned out he had a hazardous morning starting with a quarrel with his wife, he was caught by the cop for jumping a signal and slapped with a fine, all this was bound to dampen his spirits and his anger was directed tat the unsuspecting employee. If the employee had even a bit of inkling about what drove his boss's irrational behaviour he would have taken things differently. The message that was being conveyed here is before reacting , place yourself in the opponent person's shoes, think what drove their behaviour, you may not have all the answers but pausing a moment to think will itself alter your reactions. 
In today's world where people hardly have time for each other, relationships are ended by a Facebook post, life's high is all about drinking and partying, where is the time to pause and think of others? No one has the patience to understand others. Boss gives you a below expected appraisals-job change, a friend doesn't talk to you properly- delete them from your life, the maid is not efficient- throw her out. We don't even take a second to think what prompted their behaviour, having been thrown in the same situation would we have behaved any differently? Empathy my dear will help you make peace with yourself and with others. Your instinctive reactions, anger, negative vibes would all vanish if you can empathise with the person. I am not saying they may always be right, may be you are- but this will help you avoid the host of ill feelings which will ultimately make you the sufferer. The world will be a much happier place if we all learn this art as we would be more content, avoid fights and pessimistic thoughts. Happiness is contagious so we end up spreading more of it around us and the butterfly effect will make it multiply manifold. There is a dearth of happiness in this world and we badly need more of it. You my dear Angel can play a role in making this earth a better place - start with a tiny step, it will make you more content and at peace with yourself and you would see the ripple effect for yourself. 
 With all the love in my heart
This post is being written for the innovative and impactful #MomsforaBetterWorld Project


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