A one touch solution to a germ free house

Much before I became a Mum, I have always given a lot of importance to keeping my surrounding spic and span, ensuring that there is no litter, in fact I reprimand most of my people for littering public places as well. I keep a hand sanitizer ready in my vanity bag at all times, and make sure I use it before I eat, or visit any babies.
After my daughter was born, like every other Mum, I am forever conscious and extra careful of things, making sure that people who visit her wash their hands or sanitize them, her water bottle is well  sterilized and any dust in and around the home is dusted off. As Mothers, cleanliness and making sure our babies are well protected from any kind of germs, is always our utmost priority. But one thing that we are often oblivious to is the germs in and around our house which are not conspicuous and hence not easy to get rid of. With the mounting levels of pollution, this is a menace and we need to find a way of combating this. These germs spread air borne diseases which are easily transmitted, given the immunity of small children is still not that strong, they are easily susceptible to these. Sinus congestion, sore throat, cough are some of the common diseases which are air borne.
So as a Mom how do we protect our kids from these? Apart from maintaining highest standards of cleanliness in and around our house, there is more to it. Odonil One Touch Sanitizer is a great help here. It’s easy to use as it requires just a touch to set it going and it works its way in making the house germ free, apart from spreading a good fragrance.  What more could one ask for- a convenient solution to fight germs and make the air pure, at the same time a fragrance which is long lasting.
Indeed a novel solution to germ free air! 


  1. The desire that she is a super lady who ought to deftly handle everything right from cooking wonderful suppers, to dealing with the children, to being the vocation lady, the trophy wife, the perfect little girl in law, the ideal mother, the hovering girl, the great entertainer Unrealistically elevated standards these are. My name is Nagaraj I'm working in this website My opinion is she is relied upon to be fit as a fiddle; fit and solid else she wouldn't be that exemplification of perfection.one thing that we are regularly unmindful of is the germs in and around our home which are not obvious and consequently difficult to dispose of. With the mounting levels of contamination, this is a danger and we have to discover a method for fighting.


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