Letter to my Angel

Dearest Angel,                                        
The love of my life, the one who gave me a new identity, who made me realize that I can love so much and just when I thought I had given all the love I had in my heart to you, you showed me that I can give much more. You are a tiny bud now, a day will soon come when you would bloom into a lovely flower all ready to bask in the sun.
As eagerly as I wait for this day, there is a tiny voice in my head which is asking me "have I equipped you well enough to face the world, to be a strong girl at the same time be humble? To have the courage and conviction to chase your dreams at the same time be firmly rooted and not lose sight of your principles.
 All the qualities which I consider vital in leading a h life- have I passed them on to you?"
So here goes my tidbits Angel on things I want to teach my daughter      
·         Get yourself a good education and stand on your own feet. Do not depend on me or anyone for fulfilling your needs once you grow up. You may not necessarily have academic goals maybe you want to be a dancer, a pilot, a tv Anchor , whatever be your interest make sure get yourself a good academic qualification and a job. The bare truth is we all need money and equip yourself to earn it
·         Have a hobby/ interest and make sure you devote time and energy to nurture it. It gets difficult as you grow up, there would be many distractions but stay focused. As an adult it's important  to have something in your life other than work, a hobby goes a long way in making you feel more fulfilled.
·          Don't let the fact that you are a woman ever deter you from doing anything. At the same time do not take undue advantage of your being a woman to get your way. Play a fair game. Let merit be the primary cause of your success.
·          You are unique, remember there is none like you. Celebrate the uniqueness in you, do not change yourself for the sake of your partner, kids, no one. For they may love the new Angel but that's not you my love
·          Do not forget the people who have stood by you in your bad times, be great full for their presence in your life, devote time to them. New people may enter your life but don't forget the old ones who have been faithfully standing by your side.
·         It's good to explore and try out new things but beware of things that will cause harm to your body. Jut for the heck of it or to gain acceptance/popularity in a group, do not do this as it will ruin your life.
·         Success and failure are both are part of life, it's ok to bask in the glory of your success, you have worked hard for it and you deserve it, but learn to accept failure gracefully as well. Don't be dillusioned, always remember however bad or good time may seem "this too shall pass”
·          Take extra care of your health, as women that's often the last thing on our mind. And also your appearance. There's nothing wrong in indulging in little treats for yourself, don't think things like being pregnant or becoming a Mommy change this. I enjoy dressing up, it makes me feel good and being married or a Mom and now who will look at me is not something I care about. I do it because it makes me happy.
·          I hope things will be better by the time you grow up but if we are still living in the narrow minded society like today, remember this- marry only when you feel the time is right and the person whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. Do not marry because people are nagging you, or you want to have a kid or don't want to grow old alone.
·         Believe in yourself and more than anything else love yourself to the core. Your physical appearance ,status, ethnicity is something you should be proud of, if you start feelings inferior about yourself wrt any aspect, there's a host of people out there ready to take you down
·         Your time is the greatest gift you can give someone, make sure you shower abundant love and give time to your near and dear ones. Gifts however expensive cannot make up for it.
There is so much more I want to tell you and putting everything down in one letter is quite a task,  so look forward to more letter from me. As a mother I only wish and pray that you get the best life can offer you and stay blessed. These thoughts of mine may sound preachy, believe me its far more difficult to implement but embracing them in spirit will go a long way in making your life content and wholesome.

Much Love



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