Can you ever be too old to live life to its fullest?

Did you just say you hit 30? Ohhhh you are old now half of your life is over. Oldie! This is a very common comment that one would come across and probably that's the reason many people prefer to hide their age, they would either make themselves a few years younger or smile sheepishly and avoid answering the question or some would say it upfront " I do not like people asking my age, it's a personal matter".

 I always wonder "Isn't age just a number in the mind?" how does it stop you from doing something? In fact in my personal case I find myself more active, happier, busier, and richer in my 30's. I mean 30's absolutely rock. I remember the early 20's when I was so naive and gullible, I did not have any clear goals, was confused about which path to take. I went through those stages of silly crushes and heartbreaks, best friends turned foes and so much more. I learnt some lessons the hard way but that has only strengthened my resolve. Just because I have hit my 30's doesn't mean I have to give up on something or cannot pursue certain things.

When I think of age and the saying that this is just in the mind, I remember my grandmother who is the best example of someone who has defied this saying. She retired from a bank job at 58, while most people would spend their time at temples or just going for a walk or taking a nap, she looked at this as a second chance at life- to do things she always yearned to do but couldn't do due to the lack of time owing to a full day job and family responsibilities. She learnt painting, Carnatic music, computers, playing the harmonium all after retirement. It was not about giving a performance or something but just something that she was interested in and wanted to keep herself occupied. Most people would expect that once you reach a certain age you dress in particular way. A simple saree or salwar, no makeup, hair tied in a pony tail- after all you are old, why do you want to act like a young person? But my grandmother just rubbished these stupid talks; she would dress up as she pleases. She always dressed up well when she worked so why dress down now? She always had short hair and kept the same style. She wore bright colors and floral prints; she bought what she liked and wore it with an air of confidence. To hell with age.Who made these rules anyways? They are not for me.

Probably it's something that I inherited from her- I too on my part have never been concerned about how old I am growing with each passing year. I look at it in terms of how much an I learning, what are the new challenges life throws and how do I face it, I cherish each day spent with my daughter and try living each moment to the fullest. I love to capture my thoughts, experiences and feelings in my blogs and writing is something that I discovered in my 30's after I became a mom. It has opened a new and beautiful world for me and I have met so many lovely mommy blogger friends. Life is more enriching.

In terms of career as well, after close to 7 years of post my CA qualification, I have had my share of rough days and those days when I questioned myself if I was doing the right thing, but despite the setbacks I suffered, I think I have matured a lot as a person. I have seen friends who turned their backs, people who were sweet in the face but back stabbed later.

When I joined I was so used to being around people that I couldn't imagine having a meal alone. I would rather not eat then eat alone. But today I am comfortable in going to a restaurant and ordering my meal, sitting and patiently savoring it rather than gobbling it up. It's good to have people around of course I love having friends and family but what when you are in a situation when you find yourself alone momentarily, can you face it with a smile on your face it or would you panic and hide behind the duvet? I believe all these lessons are what I learnt with each passing day, as I aged.

I love dancing but unfortunately I haven't been able to join a professional dance class. I do hope someday when my daughter is older I can fulfill this wish of mine. I think as time passes and some may say I age, but I look forward to it as that is when I can give time to myself and do things I like. So for me, it's all in the mind.

What a 20 year can do, can also be done by a 50 year old. Heard of people tying the knot at 60, joining Zumba at 51, partying at 65, roaming the world at 70. It's all possible and one can make the most of it when you shed the negative thoughts about growing old, and look at life with hope, this will open up new doors to places you never even knew existed. So take a chill pill and on your next birthday be super excited for you turn one year “younger” in your heart. 


  1. I loved ur post it was so very refreshing :) My mom started learning music at 50 n now after 2 years she is singing and performing at various functions

    Classic Black n Gold


    1. Thanks Ananya! Awesome Kudos to your Mom! so much to learn from her


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