My Iron Lady

As you grow older you realise that your mom is the best friend you ever had. I read this on facebook a couple of days back and it immediately struck a chord with me. I felt it aptly described my relationship with my mom. It's a unique bond that I share with her not just as daughter and mother but as friends. Someone with whom I can talk with about anything and everything under the sun ranging from my professional life challenges to my personal life anecdotes, my best buddy to go on a guilt free shopping spree, gossip the usual girly stuff, the list is endless. We have gone on holidays, just the 2 of us and o what fun filled times we had! Some people are perplexed when I tell them that I go for movies and vacations with my mom, I have seen surprised stares from some... wish they knew how amazing it is to share such a beautiful bond with your mother. To them I would say you are not fortunate enough to experience this.
She is great source of inspiration for me. Her optimistic outlook, endless bouts of energy and enthusiasm, oodles of patience, at the same time a braveheart and the courage of a tigress is why I call her my Iron Lady. Not just bcos she is my mother, but as an individual I am in awe of her. She made me realise there is nothing that should hold you back just because you are a woman. There is no such job in the world that a woman can't do. Right from single handedly managing the entire household to being the son for her aged parents, she braved it all with grit and determination. Her fiercely independent spirit has made a tremendous impact on me. Whenever I feel low, I just need to think of her and exchange a few words with her, the magic potion starts working and i  feel refreshed.
At the age of 40 where most people stay put where they are, she took up a job at a BPO, working amongst people half her age, using computers which she wasn't that proficient with and above all the endless calls and staying awake the whole night was no easy feat. She took it in her stride and  worked for 8 years till me and my brother were financially independent. Can you imagine studying and writing exams at the age of 50? I surely would find it extremely tough to get back to books and write an exam after a gap of so many years. Mother took up the montessori course and successfully completed it while she continued to work night shifts. I still can't fathom how she multi tasked between her job, attending classes, studying for exams, handling household chores.She did so well in her class that she was offered a job of a trainer post course completion.                                        
The day I gave birth to Angel I realised what she had literally gone through to bring me and my brother into this world.  At a very young age when life had just begun, she quit her job to raise us into good human beings. It's no easy feat to give up all as one day your children would fly away from your nest. It's something that every mother is aware of . Infact she heartily agreed to do it the second time for her grandchild Angel. I was speechless. I have worked ever since I stepped out of college and I know it's very difficult for a working woman to stay at home. Apart from financial independance there's a lot that a job gives u. It gives you a world outside your house, it boosts your confidence, makes you much more worldwise. Mother was always a strong advocate of working woman and though she had given up her job she found ways and means of keeping herself occupied by taking tutions at home.                                    
I owe my success in life to her. I remember when I was studying for my CA final exams and was attending a coaching class which started at 7 in the morning. She was the one who without sleeping a wink the whole night (as she worked in a BPO at that time) would come home at 5 in the morning, cook breakfast and lunch for me, drop me on the scooter to the class as I did not drive and getting a bus or auto at that hour was a mammoth task. Only after she had dropped me off, would she get some sleep. The day I became a CA I hugged her tightly and I could see such tears of joy and exuberance her eyes. It was much more happiness than I had felt for myself. The only person who could bask in the glory of your success much more that you has got to be your mother.
As I resume work in a week's time, I feel the pain of being away from my precious little daughter getting to spend only the weekends with her, but knowing that she will be brought up in the same hands that raised me and nurtured me, I cannot help but feel fortunate. I know in my heart that Angel is blessed and will be brought up with endless bouts of love and compassion, at the same time she will be taught how to face life fearlessly and grow into a fine human being. I could not have wished better for my child.  
You are truly my hero ma.Lots of love, hugs and kisses. Continue to inspire us, our Iron Lady!


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