The day you were born

A smile which will melt a million hearts
A touch so sweet that makes my heart cry with joy
We waited each day to see your pretty face
2 tiny hands and tiny feet, eyes like sparkling diamonds
Petite nose and rosy lips
Welcome to our world little princess
You have brought us joys untold
"Its a baby girl just as you wished for"- as  I heard these words uttered by the nurses at Cloud Nine, I broke into tears, tears of such exuberance as I had never felt before, my little Angel whom I had dreamt of was now with me. I had always wished for my first child to be a baby girl.Not that I'm prejudiced against boys,  I would definitely love for her to have a little brother (and wish that they share the special bond that I share with my younger brother). But a girl child always had this teeny weeny extra special place in my heart.

I vividly remember the days which I spent waiting for you, the animated discussions mom and I had about you each day , looking  forward to catch a glimpse of you in the scans, fervently praying that all my reports are fine. How motherhood alters our life even before the little one is born- eating things I would have scoffed upon in the past, giving up the most tempting delicacies like KFC , caffeine, wine, minimizing my Chinese food intake, its funny my cravings for these forbidden things went up during this time. Going for walks- something I had hardly done prior to my pregnancy, looking at baby websites instead of shoes and clothes for myself(ok let me be honest, I looked up both). 
As my due date drew near I waited restlessly each day for you to come,  this was probably one of the longest waits given my impatient nature. Finally you decided you have tested my patience enough and you would now reward me with my most desired and the best gift that I had received till date.
As I felt you come out and heard your cry and I saw a distinct image of you being taken away to be cleaned, I couldn't actually believe that my baby was finally here. All my fears about labor pain, whether I would be able to withstand it, would my little one be hale and hearty and many such questions which had haunted me since so many months were finally answered.I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked Almighty for the wonderful gift he had bestowed upon me. You were brought to me and you looked at me with your big and beautiful eyes and I knew I was in love with you.  It seemed like a miracle when the nurse asked me to feed you and I said I have no idea how this works, but as she assisted me, you instinctively started feeding as if its something  not new to you. I was besotted and felt that its not the first time I 'm seeing you and we knew each other since ages.( Of course I spoke to you a lot and you responded with equal enthusiasm by your kicks)

The day you were born I realized why they call it labor and when I saw my mom, it dawned upon me(quite literally) what she had gone through to bring me into this  world. I shed a silent tear and thanked God for my pillar of strength. I realized a midst the pain and the fear, the countless days and hours of waiting for you, the  fear of what's in store  for me now, how would I be managing in a few months time once I had to get back to work, would I ever shed all this extra weight ,of course it was not going to be easy , having and raising a child after all is no child's play. But as I held you in my arms , cuddled you, showered you with countless kisses and entwined my fingers with your tiny ones, I knew it was worth it and I would not have it any other way. Life was certainly going to get tougher but your presence in it will give me the strength and courage to face it.
The day you were born-  a mom was born.


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