Choosing the right Gynecologist-5 step guide

"I'm going to be a mother. There's a precious little life growing inside me. How amazing." As soon as the good news has sunk in, the first and foremost thought that hits us is finding a good gynecologist. This is by no means an easy task and I request you, please do not take it lightly. In fact exercise utmost care and make sure you have done your due diligence before you decide to settle for someone. For, this is going to be a journey of 9 long months and it ain't easy.
Based on my personal experience I feel these 5 points are imperative in choosing the right gynec

1) As most of us are covered by insurance these days, we tend to go to hospitals specialising in birthing or other multi speciality hospitals. I personally prefer a hospital specialising in birthing as it would definitely have all the requisite facilities under one roof. It is imperative that the neo natal unit is in the hospital itself. I've known of friends who had to go through nightmares after the baby was born and required neo natal care but due to lack of such a unit in the hospital, the newborn had to be shifted to another hospital. You definitely do not want to get into such hassles right after you have delivered. Often the choice of gynec is guided by the hospital you choose. Both are important. So make sure the gynec you choose delivers babies in the hospital of your choice. Even if he/she does not practice there, hospitals might be willing to permit them to deliver.
2) Reputation of the gynec which you could check with your friends, office colleagues, neighbours. Online reviews are another good source. However these might be biased as well so one would need to exercise judgement here. A personal visit to the gynec should clear your doubts.
3) How comfortable are you with the gynec? Is he/she someone with whom you can share your innermost concerns, your fears, your queries however silly or  trivial them may seem? It is very important to have that comfort level with the gynec as it is not just about 1-2 visits, its not even about an illness, its about a human life  which is so precious to you. You will need your gynec's support the most during your delivery. This will make you more confident of a smooth delivery. 
On a personal note, for me this factor was of utmost importance. I always needed to be able to look at my gynec as not just a doctor but someone more closer with whom I could share about my hopes and fears and ask the silliest  of questions without having to give it a second thought. I also found great comfort when I went into labour and I saw her in the labour room.(A special note of thank you to Dr Manjula Raghuveer @Cloudnine, Malleswaram(Bangalore).
4) How accessible is your gynec? Can you text, whatsapp, email or call them whenever you have any questions? Do they respond in a timely manner? This again is critical as you could be experiencing something that your are uncomfortable with(such as baby is not kicking for a long time or kicking too much), this might worry you. The best person who could put all your fears to rest is none other than your gynec.
5) For any reason if you are not happy with the gynec you chose, please do not hesitate to change the gynec without further delay. DO not fear that this change will cause confusion, spoil relations, what if you are not satisfied with the other gynec as well? After all what's most important is you are content with your choice.
These nine months are a wonderful journey in itself, relish every moment as your tiny foetus transforms into a beautiful baby, the wait seems so long I know it! You just can't wait to catch that first glimpse of your little one, wishing you good luck as you experience this amazing phase.  
Welcome to Motherhood!


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